Designed + planned by your best friend.

Our events are unique - just like you.

Imagine your oldest friend just happens to be a highly creative event designer AND a business development manager with an OCD-level eye for detail?

Meet Luke Williams.

“I’m not just an event stylist - I’m an event planner.  

Wedding & event planners are equipped with the knowledge you need to deliver the experience you’ll remember within the budget you have. They also execute with precision whilst allowing you to enjoy the moment.

Event stylists make stuff look pretty.

When my own wedding made it to the Daily Mail & Woman’s Day, you can bet that I don’t settle for anything less that just right.”

Meet Luke Williams | Event Planner Stylist Wedding Management

It’s about:

  • Getting to the point, taking action and getting started

  • Taking a business-level approach to delivering your day

  • Making your vision a reality (not squeezing it into the parameters of what’s already “been done”)

  • Ensuring the execution is managed to the most minute detail

  • Knowing your clients better than they know themselves to create an experience they’ll carry with them for years

  • Staying true to the key factors communicated in our first meeting

What is it NOT about?

It’s 100% not about having the flashiest, most lavish, most expensive wedding - it’s about creating a moment that matters.


We get that a lot.

Get in touch with the LUK team and let’s make your vision a reality for your next big event.