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What if I don't want a traditional wedding? +

With LUK, it's not about what's been done before - it's about you, your dreams & your big event. We're not about fitting your day into our cookie-cutter grab bag of past events, it's about using our expertise in execution to craft an experience that is as unique as you. (And if someone is making a little too much noise about the way you want things done, just point them in our direction - we'll take care of that too.)

What if my event location is a little unusual? +

Unusual locations can be challenging - and exciting! The fundamental principle of your event is sticking to your non-negotiables, and developing smart alternatives for everything that surrounds them. If it's your dream to be married in the treetops of The Daintree Rainforest - let's rope up! But if your dream is to have your 100+ year old grandmother see you walk down the isle, I'm sure we can come up with a beautifully leafy alternative. It's just about ranking all the contributing factors in order of importance, which is a process we guide you through along the way.

What if I don't have a massive budget? +

Don't confuse our love of lavish for a minimum pricetag that is sky-high. Ultimately, we're here for YOU & your event - if your budget is a key factor, then it gets front-and-centre focus in the exact same way as if you had requested we source a unicorn (and for the record, a unicorn is not out of reach.)

I have a specific 'look' I'm after... +

Part of our initial process is developing mood boards with you, after asking a series of detailed questions about your dreams & ideas for the execution of your event. By introducing mood boards early in the process, we use these as a benchmark for all viusal decisions made thereafter, kind of like a visual rulebook for your event.

What if I have ZERO idea what I want? +

Whether you've got a Pinterest board a mile long, or a completely blank slate, everyone has one wish in common - to create a unique memory that will last a lifetime. Our interview process is designed to help us draw these decisions out of you - often before you realised you've made them - as well as give us a sense of who you are, so we can create an experience that is truly a celebration of you.


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